Monday, 30 November 2009

Adjudicator’s Office reports on HMRC complaint level

The Adjudicator’s Office, which handles complaints against HMRC, has reported that it now takes on average about 13 months for taxpayers’ complaints to be delay with by HMRC. A large proportion of the backlog is made up of complaints over the tax credits award system and self-employed tax disputes. However, critics say that the adjudicator and HMRC are to be blamed for allowing a backlog to be built over the last 2 years. a taxpayer’s charter was legislated for in this year’s finance act, that tells the taxman to treat taxpayers with respect, provide clear explanations of rules quickly and correct mistakes quickly.

From April 6 2010, minimum retirement age will jump by 5 years

Reminder: From April 6 2010, minimum retirement age will jump by 5 years, from age 50 to 55. The increase will mean that people who were born between April 7 1955 and April 5 1960 (estimated to be 4 million people) could be forced to delay drawing their pension until later than they would like. It makes sense for those who are caught in the relevant age bracket to consider whether drawing on their pension before April 6 2010 or not, especially for those who may have a specific financial liability between the age of 50-55, such as a mortgage repayment or a child’s university costs.