Monday, 12 December 2011

Quick and easy protection from inheritance tax for non-UK domiciled persons

If you are of non-UK domicile (or of non-UK deemed domicile as defined for inheritance tax), you will still be liable to inheritance tax on any assets in your estate which are situated (i.e. physically located) in the UK! In layman words, this applies to people who were neither born or live in the UK. Does it sound bizarre?

Anything that can be done to escape the tax? 

Put your money on authorised unit trusts or shares in open ended investment companies or hold your cash in UK banks in overseas currency.

For those on the other side of the fence: 

What about those persons who, though born abroad by a non-UK father (and hence non-UK domiciled), are about to become UK-domiciled for inheritance tax because they have lived long enough in the UK? Is there anything they can do to protect their foreign assets from UK inheritance tax? The trick is to create a so called  "excluded property trust", into which to put all their foreign assets, before they acquire UK domicile. 

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